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Clear Your Energy on January 24th

Do you want to understand what people mean when they say they "feel" your energy? Have you ever noticed that when you are with some people, you smile and laugh, and with others, you leave feeling exhausted?

During this 2-hour session with energy-clearing practitioner Melanie Mattison, discover the answers to these questions and more. Experiment with methods to clear your energy and deepen your understanding of how people and places can influence your energy.

Through experiential exercises, storytelling, and discussion, you learn:

  • How to tune into a space's energy and how it aligns with your needs and flow
  • How to re-establish your energy flow after disruption
  • How to clear unwanted energy from your space and yourself

With Melanie's guidance, you receive practical information and strategies to navigate your days better and create flow in your life.

Join Teachers Studio live on Wednesday, January 24, 7:00-9:00 p.m. ET (4:00-6:00 p.m. PT). For registered participants, this class will be available on demand until March 24.

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Five Element Reset from April 7th to May 5th

Have you ever wondered, "How can I make this year the best year ever for me?" or "Why do I always have a great start to the year and then everything falls apart?" or better yet, "Why would I bother to do anything differently, I am just stuck with my patterns?"

Or..."What are the five elements, and how can "resetting" them help me?"

I am offering a fabulous webinar series to optimize the start of the energetic new year!

During this five-part webinar series, you will learn about each element and how to create an atmosphere to realign your system with each element and re-engage with your natural flow.

For five weeks, you will learn about an element, receive a meditation, a mantra for use during the week, and activities to balance the element.  

There will also be time for questions and answers after each session.

Webinars will be recorded, so you can listen even if you miss the live version.  

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Event from June 9th to June 14th

Have you ever met someone and thought, "I really enjoy being with this person," or conversely, "I wish this person would leave me alone?" This is your energetic system at work. You are receiving information about how your energy interacts and responds to the energy of another.

When our energy is flowing in a balanced state, we can dance with all the energy around us, allowing us to feel contentment, joy, connection, and happiness. When our energy is stuck or blocked, we can experience anxiety, frustration, sadness, and fear.

Join energy worker and metaphysical practitioner Melanie Mattison and learn an energetic clearing practice to tune into your inner knowledge of your energy and allow it to flow optimally.

Throughout the week, you develop deeper connection to your intuition, build confidence in your decision-making process, and discover increased love and acceptance for your truest self.

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