Words can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am that Melanie and her life-changing work has come into my life. So many aspects of my life have shifted for me and continue to do so. I have been having Melanie clear me 1 X month for about 18 months now.  This routine has just become part of my lifestyle which I have now budgeted time and money for, because of how impact it has become.  For me, life in general, has become more alive.  Melanie's clearing work/coaching has allowed me to understand, accept, and appreciate myself as well as those around me! I feel happier and lighter. I’m not trying to claim that every moment is perfect because our crazy minds can get us into bad places pretty fast, but getting cleared will allow you to get yourself out of your crazy thoughts/patterns much easier.  These negative thoughts/stories that we tend to say to ourselves will not happen as often and eventually stop. Thank you Melanie for taking the time to learn this work, for being courageous to start sharing your talents with all of us, and thank you for continuing to study and deepen your knowledge so that you can help all of us as much as possible.   Whatever you feel can fit into your life for clearings:  1 x year, 1 x per month, 1 x per week, just start.  It is the best therapy ever. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s validating, and it’s life changing.  You will be so grateful just like me 💕

~ Julie, CT

Melanie is a remarkable, astonishing practitioner of the 5 Elements combining keen observations and presence with the “client” along with her deeply intuitive and creative gifts.  Whether she is doing a personal clearing, space clearing of a residence or other site or 5 Element coaching, I continue to be amazed by the beautiful, clear way she conveys information as well as by her results.  Since working with Melanie, I feel much more in balance.  She is my GPS.

~ Chris, NY

I have been receiving personal energy clearings from Melanie for over a year and every clearing has been a new and wonderful experience. She has such warmth and a great sense of humor that make the sessions even more fun and uplifting. I always feel better after a session and soon find myself looking forward to the next one. Thank you, Melanie, for sharing your compassion, wisdom and skills in this wonderful way! 

~ Trish, DC


As a client I am writing so that people can understand a bit more about how Personal Clearings can change their lives.

  • I’m experiencing less confusion, frustration, and exhaustion as highly sensitive woman and a multi-level Empath

  • I am feeling less and less affected by my surroundings 

  • I am able to tune the “noise” out with greater ease

  • I feel less and less like a victim

  • I have way less things to complain about!!!

  • I feel more empowered

  • I have more breathing room and space to blossom without the interference and distraction other peoples’ energy 

  • I feel more authentic about who I am and what I’m meant to share with the world

  • I have developed clearer and more sustainable boundaries 

  • I am able to be clearer about what my “yes’s” and “no’s” are 

  • I’ve been able to let go of people and things that do not serve my highest good with more ease

  • I have more aligned people and opportunities coming into my life 

  • have a healthier way of relating to others

  • I have the ability to trust myself and my intuition even more

  • I deepened my connection to nature and Mother Earth

  • I feel this is the actual medicine my mind, body, heart and soul have been searching for as energy is the basis of EVERYTHING

  • I am able to heal traumatic days or events from the past

  • I am able to cleanse objects that carry other energy that it’s not meant to

  • I am able to smooth out stressful situations such as moving homes or traveling ahead of time to pave the way with as ease as possible

  • I feel my health and wellbeing thriving like it wasn’t before as the “right” or optimal conditions for my body are being created

  • I am triggered less often and have a tool to use in the very moment

I’m still leaving what’s written below bc I mean it :)

Melanie is authentic, nonjudgmental, hilarious, and intuitive without any involvement of ego.  She is a perfect example of a healer, and LOVE in presence and action.

I cannot recommend working with Melanie highly enough. My only regret is that I didn’t meet her sooner in life.

~ A. Abraham, NY


Melanie Mattison is an approachable and insightful energy practitioner. Prior to my first session with Melanie, I did not have any experience with clearing. Still, I kept an open mind and figured that I had nothing to lose: at the very least, a clearing with Melanie would be an extended conversation with a compassionate person! The clearing turned out to be a much deeper experience than a conversation. As Melanie talked and worked her way through my different energetic fields, I felt my mind expanding to recognize stale patterns of behavior and consider new possibilities. As an avid runner, I often use foam rolling or deep-tissue stretching to release tension in my muscles and joints. Spiritually, Melanie’s energy clearing felt like the cathartic “pop” of a tight hip or hamstring.

In the months since the initial clearing, the universe has presented me with several significant opportunities (some that seem to have emerged out of left field) to test my new knowledge and let go of what no longer serves me. I feel like I am in a brand new state of awareness, making my way through the world with courage and fluidity. Although Melanie’s work is undoubtedly spiritual, she is grounded and willing to meet you at the very beginning of this path. Melanie has a gift for “seeing” the subtle crux of our personality and purpose. Since she has shined a light on my personality and purpose, I have never looked back.

Allyson, MA