What Is Clearing?

Energy may sound elusive, yet we experience it every day when we walk through the doors of work and home, or when our moods or emotions change depending on the places or the people we interact with.  Although it may seem ambiguous, the influence of energy is something we regularly experience and often are unaware of the adverse effects of others' energy upon our own and the impact past experiences continue to have on our present choices and relationships. Releasing stagnant energy from past and present situations and interactions can subtly shift how our lives unfold and flow.  The energy that is detrimentally influencing us and the space we live and work in can be cleared!  When you have an energetic personal clearing or an energetic space clearing the process of bringing your system and the space’s flow back to balance begins. Each clearing peels away another layer of energy that does not benefit your system; stagnant energy is released enabling your system to relax and flow.  This work is about embracing who you are and releasing the energies that keep you treading in unsupportive patterns; it is not about changing who you are to fit the mold deemed acceptable by society.

This work is about returning to YOUR center!

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