Why Energy Clearing?

The inspiration and insight that continues to move Melanie forward with this work is knowing that it empowers people to engage in their lives. Clearing allows people to adapt back to a centered and balanced state no matter the circumstances of their surroundings or present state of being.  This work gently releases and shifts energy in a way that recalibrates your perspective, so the focus is on connecting and embracing your essence as opposed to struggling against it.  Melanie became a certified personal and space clearing practitioner so she could effectively assist individuals and families to flow with the rhythm of a balanced life.  Working with individuals and families Melanie has seen how subtle shifts in energy can release tensions and misunderstanding that often create hurdles in communications.  We benefit from clearing because we benefit from releasing energy that inhibits our natural energetic flow.  Energy clearing has repeatedly shown Melanie through the changes in her life and those of her clients, that the subtle shifts in our energy and the energy of spaces benefits us in unimagined ways.

Why wouldn't YOU release energies that hinder YOUR growth?

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