Returning to your Center with Melanie Mattison

Returning to your Center with Melanie Mattison

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Melanie Mattison is an educator and metaphysical practitioner driven by a deep-rooted belief in self-care and empowering individuals to live authentically, leveraging their inherent strengths and talents. With a robust background in supporting children with language-based learning differences, Melanie infuses her work with a teacher’s heart, fostering success for everyone she guides. Certified in Jean Haner’s energetic clearing practices, she dedicates herself full-time to clearing work, striving to help clients embrace a harmonious life centered on creativity and joy. MysticMag finds out more.

Melanie, you emphasize the idea that energy profoundly affects our lives, even when we may not be consciously aware of it. Could you explain the concept of energy clearing and how it can help individuals and spaces achieve balance?

Understanding energy often starts with noticing shifts in our emotions and moods in our daily lives. For instance, imagine walking into a store feeling fine, then gradually feeling agitated in line as the person ahead gets into an argument. It’s about recognizing how the energy around us affects our inner state. Sometimes, we don’t realize this influence, and suddenly, we’re carrying that agitation out of the store, affecting our interactions with others. It becomes a chain reaction. By becoming aware of these moment-to-moment feelings, we start to notice how people’s energy and even spaces impact us. Sometimes, a place or a room’s energy doesn’t feel right, and it could be a combination of people’s energies or the energy of the space. Once, I entered a home and felt unsettled, only to learn they’d blasted rocks to create a space to build the house, and this created an unsettled energy that vibrated throughout the house. Being attuned to different sensations helps peel away layers of energy, enabling us to distinguish between others’ energy and our own. Recognizing our energy is about creating space to stay centered amidst the world’s chaos.

What inspired you to become a certified personal and space-clearing practitioner, and how has your journey in this field empowered individuals and families to lead more balanced lives and improve communication?

When I was a classroom teacher, I always found it intriguing how each class had its unique dynamics despite teaching the same age group. My curiosity about these differences led me to explore the concept of energetic patterns outlined in Jean Haner’s book, Your Hidden Symmetry. Initially, my aim was to enhance my teaching by applying this knowledge, but it gradually evolved into guiding families to understand their children’s energies as well as their own. This path expanded into one-on-one sessions with parents, which eventually grew to help people navigate various relationships, from spouses to coworkers. My goal is to empower individuals to respond rather than react to different energies, fostering compassion and mutual understanding.

People often find themselves in unsupportive patterns due to lingering energies from past experiences. Can you share a specific example of how energy clearing has helped someone break free from such patterns and achieve a more balanced and centered state of being?

In a typical clearing, I guide individuals through six energetic fields, intentionally matching my energy with theirs. This alignment allows me to sense the flow of their energy. Often, I encounter energetic obstacles similar to rapids or dams in a river. Approaching these energies without emotional attachment helps them relax and begin to flow freely. During this process, impressions or feelings about past experiences often arise. Sharing these impressions helps release that stuck energy, allowing for a more optimal flow. It’s not always about delving into deep discussions; it’s about letting the energy move and letting individuals become more aware of recurring patterns. Energy clearing brings these patterns to a conscious level, offering clarity, especially with our own patterns that can be challenging to recognize. This process peels back layers, releases stagnant energy, and initiates a flow that can create clarity.

In your practice, what are some common signs or symptoms that indicate an individual or a space could benefit from energy clearing? Are there specific situations or life changes when this practice becomes particularly valuable?

This work is valuable for all individuals because we all benefit from being in a balanced state of flow. Many clients will state they feel stuck or do not feel like themselves. The clearings allow for subtle energy shifts that unfold into a sensation of feeling centered and balanced. For instance, a recent client shared that she couldn’t laugh anymore; humor seemed to have vanished from her life. Through the clearing process, it became evident that she hadn’t fully grieved the loss of her father. Instead, she bottled up her grief, attempting to push forward. As the suppressed energy began to shift and release, she began to breathe more deeply and recognize that she had been cutting off her connection to the natural flow of the grieving process. Once she recognized the pattern, she saw the benefit of humor and was able to reconnect with it.
Another client contacted me because she was anxious about taking the bar exam. She had taken it two times without passing and was nervous about the upcoming third attempt. We went through the clearing, and at the end, she said she felt relaxed and more confident. Later, she contacted me to say that she passed. Although, we do not always know exactly what shifts during the clearing, we do know that the shift is always for the greatest benefit of our energetic system.

After an energy-clearing session with you, clients often experience feelings of invigoration, lightness, and inspiration. Could you provide some insights into what happens during a typical clearing session and the outcomes your clients can expect?

Every clearing session is unique because of the uniqueness of our individual energetic patterns, as we all have different patterns and experiences that benefit from energetic shifts. In a typical clearing session, I often explain the diverse ways individuals might feel afterward. Like the unkinking of a hose, initially, there’s a blockage, but as the clearing progresses, the flow begins, allowing the water/energy to move freely. Some might immediately experience a burst of enthusiasm or invigoration, while others sense a profound peace. The clearing continues with the new flow of energy, and often, people notice and see experiences differently, such as interesting coincidences or surprising interactions. For instance, a client recently contemplating a job change received an unanticipated call from her former boss offering a new position. These occurrences and many others highlight how, once in our flow, opportunities unfold. We can have greater clarity and experience a deeper understanding of how our perspective and energy influence our choices and ability to create the lives we desire.

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