Power Outage Reboot

Power Outage Reboot

Relax Release Realign

Sitting in a house with no power and no cell service left me with time to sit, contemplate and be.  The universe always hands me what I need, but I neglected to stop and notice.  My tendency to overbook, overgive and overthink had created struggles that I decided to sweep to the side.  I recognized the pattern but did not make any conscious changes.  The recent nor'easter prompted me to sit (relax), breathe (release) and consciously be (realign). So often, when we neglect self-care, we forget that each day presents an opportunity to be with ourselves, to appreciate our gifts, to love.  

Prior to the storm, I felt myself falling into old patterns; I began neglecting myself and my self-care.  Earlier in the week, I had thought, "I would love a sign to know if I am headed in the direction that I am truly aligned with~ give me a sign that I can not ignore!" Two days later, a major storm, a loss of power, no cell reception, and no way to commit to anything new.  I was graciously given the opportunity to be with me!  I spent two glorious days reconnecting with me; my intuition had been showing me, "you are not on course, recalculate, recalculate." Note to me; overcommitting is never the route to take! And I decided to justify why I was heading off course, why I was not listening to my intuition.  This weather(universe) imposed hiatus from my schedule/life was the gift I needed to relax, release and realign.  

Step one: Knowing our patterns
Step Two: Noticing our patterns
Step Three: Consciously stopping mid pattern
Step Four: Diligently monitoring our patterns, graciously acknowledging them when they show up
Step Five: Purposely shifting the energy, releasing the energy that is not flowing~ by far the most transformative step and most challenging.  

Why would we want to feel uncomfortable?  Shedding old habits can feel like painful purging; why would we do anything that does not instantly feel good?  In our society, we are all about the instant path to feeling good now! Releasing/ breaking a pattern that is no longer of benefit is like going through puberty, again!  Just like our bodies need to change to reach the next phase of our lives, our energy needs to shift and release old patterns so we can evolve and flow. We are meant to experience ina balanced flow.  Switching tracks, cultivating a new path, leveling up (however you want to phrase it) is not for the faint of heart.  Be kind to yourself when you find yourself in emotional mud (again), and remember to breathe in and know that every moment of every day, we are given another chance to return to our center.  Sometimes the power (literally) needs to go out so we can see the glow coming from within and fall in love with ourselves once more.

The greatest gift we can give the world is being...being the best version of ourselves~ let the joy and love ripple from you!  
Your energy can change energy!  
How do you want to experience your surroundings?  
Be the change you wish to see!
Even if you fall in the process, at least you have experienced a new perspective!

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