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Melanie is an educator and metaphysical practitioner who has a foundational belief in self- care and living from one’s authentic strengths, talents, and abilities. She has an extensive background in teaching and academically supporting children with language-based learning differences. With the heart of a teacher, she wants everyone she works with to succeed and brings this same passion to her clearing work. Melanie studies with and is certified in Jean Haner's energetic clearing practices. As a full time certified energy clearing practitioner, she is dedicated to helping her clients embrace a balanced life that leans into their core creativity and joy. 



Melanie is a remarkable, astonishing practitioner of the 5 Elements combining keen observations and presence with the “client” along with her deeply intuitive and creative gifts.    
Chris, NY


Melanie's clearing work/coaching has allowed me to understand, accept, and appreciate myself as well as those around me! I feel happier and lighter.

Julia, CT
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